Lisa Tahir

Changing Consciousness 45 min. session

Lisa Tahir


Lisa Tahir, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker. She is certified in EMDR Level I, in Reiki Level II, and as a thought coach through the Institute for Transformational Thinking. The host of the weekly podcast All Things Therapy on LA Talk Radio since 2016, she lives in both Los Angeles and New Orleans.

Oh, and did we mention her book is endorsed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama? Talk about cosmic credibility!

Rachel L.
​Los Angeles, CA

“Lisa is insightful, compassionate, caring, dedicated, and loyal. She offers such rich guidance because she is truly present, listening. She is a skilled therapist and total cheerleader. An effective therapist can change your life for the better, and no doubt, Lisa is one of the best. Plus, she is always finding ways to reinvent herself, try new techniques, and do her own personal healing work.”

C F.
​Santa Monica, CA

"Lisa Tahir is kind, caring and professional. Her warmth and sincerity make you feel comfortable and uplifted right away. She listens attentively and is very present. Lisa helped me navigate through some work-place stressors. Her insight and guidance were valuable in helping me move forward. I would highly recommend Lisa."

Nikki P.
​Denver, CO

“Trusting another person to be safe, have integrity, professionalism, and honor my needs, dreams, hurdles, struggles, successes, confusions, goals, feelings, and pace--that's a tall order! Lisa has helped me move past and clear old traumas, maladaptive patterns, and grief so that I could live the life I've craved and dreamed of. That's why I've need a coach with a psychotherapy background--to figure out what's holding me back from my past so I could move forward! My gratitude runs deep and I cannot recommend her enough. In truth, I am not an easy client for a coach/therapist because I am a coach/therapist--as you can imagine, this can be tough! Lisa works with no ego or personal stuff getting in the way and has truly honored what has been in MY best interest. Especially if you've tried counseling/coaching/therapy and had a poor experience that made you wary(lord knows I did before finding her)--Lisa is safe to try again because we all need help sorting out this complicated and easily overwhelming life. My clarity and peace have been worth every second and penny.”



Lisa is not your average energy therapist – she's a licensed social worker, psychotherapist, podcast host, and the mastermind behind Psychoastrology. Oh, and did we mention her book is endorsed by His Holiness The Dalai Lama? 

Discover a transformative experience with a 45-minute personalized session with Lisa.
This session is designed to provide you with clarity, guidance, and a sense of relief tailored specifically to your needs.

Session Highlights:
1. Centering Question:
We begin with a powerful centering question: What is most important for you to feel resolved about? This question sets the tone for our session, focusing on your deepest concerns and aspirations.

2. Personalized Pathway:
Together, we will create a clear and actionable path towards your desired outcome. This pathway is designed to address your specific challenges and leverage your strengths, ensuring that you leave the session with a practical plan.

3. Chiron Placement Insights:
To deepen our exploration, we will weave in insights from your Chiron placement. Chiron, known as the "wounded healer" in astrology, reveals key areas of healing and growth. By understanding and integrating these insights, we can address underlying patterns and facilitate profound personal transformation.

4. Holistic Approach:
Our session is holistic, taking into account your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Lisa’s empathetic and intuitive approach ensures that you feel heard, understood, and supported throughout the process.

Experience the Benefits:
• Immediate Relief: Many clients report feeling a sense of relief and clarity after just one session.
• Empowerment: Gain actionable steps and insights that empower you to move forward with confidence.
• Deeper Understanding: Uncover and address core issues that may have been holding you back, paving the way for lasting change.
Whether you are seeking to resolve a specific issue, gain clarity on a particular aspect of your life, or simply need a compassionate space to explore your thoughts and feelings, this session is for you.

​Book your 45-minute session with Lisa today and take the first step towards a more resolved and empowered you.


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45-Minute Zoom Session
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Heal Core Wounds through Astrology

Create a clear and actionable path towards your desired outcome

Weave in insights from your Chiron placement

Address underlying patterns and facilitate profound personal transformation

Gain actionable steps and insights that empower you to move forward with confidence

Uncover and address core issues that may have been holding you back, paving the way for lasting change.