Karin Tobiason 

Your Ascension Answers from Behind the Veil

Karin Tobiason


As an identical twin, Karin Tobiason’s psychic ability was nurtured and honored so she developed an ease of astral projecting back and forth behind the veil. She also began having many extra-terrestrial visitations, as well as later being invited to tour two motherships to learn about the quantum empath, the hybrid and other remarkable psychics who are here now to usher in a new world.

Karin Tobiason had her first NDE at 30 years old. She met with the counsel, was downloaded with spiritual law, and was witness as to how the “other” side works, including being given access to the Akashic records. While in the light, she was told she was to teach others about how to live and manifest as spiritual beings. Karin chose to ignore this missive but continued studying everything she could find and continued her spiritual learnings.

Karin Tobiason used her psychic skills to become an award-winning corporate publicist with a long list of esteemed clients and celebrities, with high-end media placements including six clients booked on Oprah. After extreme burnout, Karin experienced her second NDE but this time she toured the “misery” of her life caused by not accepting her path. She was shown the joy of abiding to her blueprint, so off went the corporate hat and on went the woo-woo one.

Karin Tobiason is a teacher and healer, who works with many from the other side to offer clarity for moving faster and more solidly to your heart’s desire and destiny. She also teaches others to do the same based on one’s individual soul blueprint.


“I have had readings throughout the years, but, by far, Karin’s was THE BEST READING I HAVE EVER HAD! She knew nothing about me, was 100% accurate and spoke about deep inner truths that brought tears to my eyes. Karin, you possess a rare gift that few others have and I am SO thankful that God placed you in my path.”

Renae’ M.

“Karin Tobiason is one of the most amazing gifted, nurturing and loving people I have met. Her ability to connect with spirit, look in the Akashic records and utilize her knowledge and channeling to give you the most amazing and accurate reading is astounding.

My reading with her was not only insightful but truly eye opening. Karin has this beautiful ability to deliver the messages and information of things you should be doing to move yourself forward with such love and clarity that it awakens parts of you that you didn’t even realize were closed.

If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend a reading with Karin – you will be better for it and get the clarity you didn’t even realize you were looking for.”


“I don’t think I have the right words how much our reading touched my heart!!! I have been really struggling the last 3 1/2 years since the pandemic and more than just the pandemic affected my struggle. I didn’t think that I could survive; however, I feel rejuvenated! I have done many intuitive sessions over the years and no one has connected and read me like my session with you today. Thank you to you, John Burgos and all the Archangels, Angels and Masters that brought you into my life!!! I was blown away by what awesome information that you shared and I feel like I have known you forever.”


Your Ascension Answers from Behind the Veil

A Self-Paced Three Part Course +
A 60-minute reading

If you identify with several of these descriptions, this course was designed specifically for you:

  • You’re a leader
  • You’re strong-willed, with a fiery non-conformity
  • You’re intuitive
  • You’re empathic, sensitive, clairsentient, you feel everything
  • You’ve experienced paranormal experiences, that cannot be described as normal
  • You tend to be philosophical and prefer to go deep
  • You’re great at reading people
  • You may have a strong connection with nature and animals
  • You may be more drawn to spirituality rather than a closed system like religion
  • You know you’re here now to do something important like ushering in the birth of the     new earth and bringing in healing, love, and peace to the world-at-large

If you identify with several of these personal challenges, this course was designed for you:

  •  Not knowing or trusting the knowing of your life purpose
  • You may struggle with anxiety and depression, maybe addiction
  • You may be super sensitive to everything: lights, stress, loud noises, crowds, etc.
  • You’re aware of having taken on a lot of Karma or ancestral and/or collective healing
  • You’re highly sensitive, often tagged by darker forces which can sabotage your purpose
  • You may be prone to insomnia, nightmares, difficulty and/or fear of falling asleep
  • You may have been described as highly rebellious, can be self- sabotaging, cannot fit into rigid classifications or archaic systems
  • You sometimes feel ungrounded and want to escape, you may not feel as if you belong here. You want to go home.
  • You are the holder of many superpowers and gifts, but you may deal in heavy energy due to struggles with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body issues
  • You’re often very creative and intuitive, but sometimes do not connect with money so you may let that get in the way of stepping into your overall life purpose

Your Ascension Answers from Behind the Veil

We're going to unpack what’s this "Ascension Energy" in simple understandable terms. We’ll answer why you're here now, explain your next actionable steps as to how to begin creating the life you've been visualizing, and explain why it may have always felt just out of reach. If you know you're here to do something important but have no idea what that means or how to start, or why you're just simply exhausted – you’ve been guided here on purpose.

We’re being asked to step up and forge a more powerful and equal relationship with our guides, angels, spiritual team and ascended masters. You're being asked to step away from a supplicant relationship and into a master co-creator role. You knew from the other side that you already unmistakably had all the gifts needed to bring peace on Earth. In the course we’re going to remind you of what you knew then and may have forgotten under all the former density. If you’re ready to leave your brush stroke on this large, beautiful canvas. It's your time to shine. It your time to step away from the struggle and step into your bliss.

  •  Part 1: In this video you'll receive an overview of how all energy works according to spiritual law. This full universal brush stroke will discuss why you're here, what you've agreed to accomplish, and why your unique and specific blueprint is so imminent to helping bring peace on Earth now.

* Understanding what has changed and how it changed while you may have been too exhausted to notice
* Creating within the new energies, we're moving from struggle to bliss (you won't want to miss this!)
* Mastering spiritual law to bring forth your best destiny like the God creator master you are
* Understanding and heeding to "that" nudge to get moving to help bring peace on Earth.

  •  Part 2: In this video we will be covering an overview of how to manage all the intense energies that are slamming into your body, your auric field, your emotional centers, and how empathing works for you and against you. It's time you learn how to manage any and all of those random and uncomfortable energies.  Note: If you don't feel 100% at peace, hopeful, and joyful--you're at the mercy of outside energies

* Creating sparkly spiritual hygiene within and without regardless to any storm or polarity outside yourself
* Staying empowered with those we love the most and those who can also be our greatest triggers and teachers
* Understanding the energy, mastering the movement of the molecules, and healing ourselves now

  • Part 3: In this video, we'll be taking a deep dive into your Akashic Records. You'll learn how they work, why they can be so daunting and how to heal and clear them using spiritual law. Have you ever wondered why you seemed to have brought in so much heavy karma? How would you feel if you were told it was because you knew you’d be able to heal it all very quickly with this ascension energy? This will be life changing for you.

* Un-mystifying and taking the "spookie-wookies" out of how the Akashic records work
* Learning how to clear all your past life karma, agreements, contracts, generational and universal karma like the master you were meant to be
* Releasing all those shackles that are keeping your wings clipped and you tethered to smallness.
* Stepping into all that you are, safely, masterfully and in sure-footedness and abundance.

It's time. It's time for you to step away from the struggle and step into your own personal bliss!


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A self-paced 3-part course + 60-minute reading 

What to expect in a 60-minute reading with Karin Tobiason
Karin is a psychic medium and Akashic Records reader - Karin will ask your guides, angels, and loved ones to tell her what they want you to know. We may also go into your Akashic records to find healing and clues as to your greatest gifts or any obstacles keeping you currently stuck.


Unpack what’s this "Ascension Energy" in simple understandable terms

Answer why you're here now, explain your next actionable steps as to how to begin creating the life you've been visualizing

Step up and forge a more powerful and equal relationship with our guides, angels, spiritual team and ascended masters

Step away from a supplicant relationship and into a master co-creator role

Remind you of what you knew then and may have forgotten under all the former density

Step away from the struggle and step into your bliss